ANNIE'S: The Name You Can Trust

 The Brand

The Annie Young Aesthetic Tattoo is an established and well-known brand that represents premium quality permanent aesthetic tattoo services. 

Rendered in ANNIE'S venues only, the Annie Young Aesthetic Tattoo Team comprises of three members only: Ms. Annie Young herself, and her two daughters, 39-year-old Shirley Young, a Business graduate certified in N-Tier Software Database Dev, and Letty Young, a licensed Pharmacy graduate, both with more than 14 years of experience in this craft.

Do not belittle our experience!

No other individuals have been trained by Annie Young and Annie's will not be responsible for any work performed outside of the above mentioned venues.



In 1985, Annie Young traveled to the Philippines to visit friends and relatives in Manila, Cebu and General Santos. She took the opportunity to render beauty and body care services to said friends and relatives who were nothing but elated with the results.

Soon, news of Annie's magic touch spread through word of mouth from satisfied friends who referred more and more people. Encouraged by the clamor for her services by a growing client base, she opened her first beauty and health care facility in Metro Cebu in the year

ANNIE YOUNG (ANNIE'S) has been continually providing people with the gift of a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence for over 30 years!


Why Choose Annie's

Permanent aesthetic tattoo is a very serious decision. We, as your tattoo artists, take it very seriously and so should you since this will be about your face.

Life is about taking risks but not when it comes to permanent aesthetic tattoo. So come see us for a free, non-committal consultation! Experience firsthand how we work. Allow us to show you how we can further enhance your natural beauty with our professional designs. All your questions will be answered by the only - Annie's

 No one knows what's best for you like we do!